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With a free LinearB account, you’ll get a DORA dashboard right out of the box. No limitations on contributors, repos, or team size.  You’ll have access to: 
All four DORA metrics – Cycle Time, Deploy Frequency, CFR, MTTR
Industry Standard Benchmarks to help you define team performance and set data-backed goals
Additional leading metrics including Merge Frequency and Pull Request Size (great indicators of quality and efficiency)
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A Closer Look at the gitStream UI

Visualize the ROI of workflow automation
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See all your DORA metrics in a single location. 
“Visibility into our engineering metrics has given our business critical telemetry and attribution for our engineering teams. In the past 6 months, we were able to reduce our cycle time from an average of 6 days to 2 days.”
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Backed by Data Science

2023 State of DevOps Report
Google and LinearB have partnered to gather research from over 36,000 professionals worldwide for insights into the practices that drive elite software delivery performance.
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2023 Benchmarks Report
The data behind elite engineering team performance, created from a study of 2,000+ dev teams, across 64 countries and 3.6M+ pull requests.
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Actively monitoring DORA metrics is a critical first step in any initiative to improve engineering’s operational efficiency and impact on the business.
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