gitStream Unblock Code Reviews

Customize your code review workflow for each pull request based on the content of the code. Add context to PRs, find code experts for reviews, and automate the merge process to maximize developer productivity.

Why do code reviews take so long?

We studied more than 1 million pull requests and found that code reviews are the biggest blocker to developer efficiency.
65% of repos that connect to gitStream improve their cycle time by an average of 61%.

Unblock the code review process

Say goodbye to manual code review headaches and hello to programmable merge workflows. Use YAML to take control of your merge process and make simple merges effortless while navigating complex reviews with deeply-customizable rules and automations.

Copy this automation

# -*- mode: yaml -*-
     version: 1.0
        # Triggered for PRs that have at least 1 test, 5 or less files,
        # and a branch name that includes a Jira ticket prefix
          - {{ files | match(regex=r/(test|spec)/) | some }}
          - {{ files | length <= 5 }}
          - {{ | match(regex=r/[A-Za-z]{2,}-d+.*/) }}
           - action: add-label@v1
                  label: 'Best Practices ☆'
                  color: '#F4EBD0'
          - action: add-comment@v1     
                comment: |
                     This PR follows our company's recommended best practices.
                     Great work!

Unlock Your Code Experts

Do you need help finding the right people to review your code? Traditional solutions like git blame and CODEOWNERS can only take you so far, leaving modern dev teams without the sophistication they need to excel. 
gitStream makes it easy to identify the best experts for the contents of your PR and automatically assign them to provide reviews.
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Elevated Security Reviews

Your software's security is only as strong as its weakest link, so it’s critical to follow best practices at every stage of development. 
With gitStream, you can implement organization-wide security review requirements, flag sensitive code, detect deprecated components, and automatically request changes to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Supercharged PR Context

It can be difficult to gather the context behind every pull requests, making it difficult for maintainers to know where to focus their efforts.
gitStream can estimate the time needed to review a PR, indicate the required areas of technical expertise, and encourage best collaboration practices so your team has all the information they need moments after a PR is created.
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Maximize Your Dev Team's Productivity

Developers should focus on writing code, not getting bogged down in unnecessary reviews. 
gitStream enables you to create customized review policies that cut through the noise and let your developers focus on what matters most. With gitStream, you can reclaim development focus time.