Scale Best Practices with Policy-as-Code

Establish Policy-as-Code on all of your repos to standardize efficiency and quality best practices.
Higher quality code delivered at a faster pace
Enforceable merge standards for all dev teams
SOC 2 Compliance best practices

We correlate data across your tools to identify bottlenecks and automate developer workflow optimization.

Standardize Merge Policy Across Your Org

Every team at your org has different quality standards that code must meet before it is merged. 
This lack of guardrails leads to poor collaboration, disorganized onboarding, context switching and a decrease in code quality

Roll Out a Rules-Based Merge Process with gitStream

Standardizing merge policy across your teams will lead to: 
Reduced context switching and developer toil
40% shorter cycle times and higher quality code
Better adherence to SOC2 Compliance and fewer bugs
install gitstream

Keep Your Developers Focused on Best Practices 

Merge Policy
Higher Quality
Boost Efficiency
Faster Ramp Time
Developers just want to code. We get that. We also get that remembering every deprecated API or to open a Jira ticket before fixing a bug can be a challenge. 
Help your team get back to doing what they love with these gitStream rules:
Request changes on deprecated APIs
Mark PRs without JIRA tickets
Flag PRs without tests

“I use LinearB data in a variety of ways… one is to figure out how to form teams. When I find high-performing teams, I share their methods with other teams. You can really see that show through in the metrics.” 

Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon

VP of Engineering



A Closer Look at gitStream


Better PR Processes in < 3 Mins

Configure gitStream
Create a simple .cm file that programmatically defines the rules and automation for how your PR process is managed. Get started with gitStream here.
Create Enforceable Merge Standards
Establish merge standards that ensures consistent application across your organization, providing an automated ‘paved path’ for developers.
Automate Improvement
Automate the continuous improvement of engineering operations and translate R&D data into quantifiable business impact.
Learn how LinearB metrics can help you improve work breakdown and reduce cycle time, change failure rate, and mean time to restore.
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Explore the details of software delivery excellence, PR workflows, and how to persuade the boardroom as an engineering leader.
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