Scale Developer Efficiency with Workflow Automation

Visibility is only half of the improvement equation. 
Go beyond passive metrics with workflow automation that results in the ability to: 
Automate the Continuous Improvement of Engineering Ops
Translate R&D data into quantifiable business impact
Standardize merge policies across your org

We correlate data across your tools to identify bottlenecks and automate developer workflow optimization.

Metrics alone don’t improve dev teams…

Metrics, like all trackable numbers, are an imperfect means of improvement.
Without applying workflow automation to your bottlenecks, you’re just staring at numbers instead of actively unclogging your delivery pipeline.

… developer workflow automation does!

Engineering teams love LinearB because it helps them actively improve with two workflow automation tools: 
gitStream is a workflow automation tool that sends PRs down unique review paths based on policy-as-code.
WorkerB is a chatbot that reduces context switching by eliminating many of the manual tasks developers hate.

Take A Closer Look at Workflow Automation


“I used to wait around a lot during the dev process. Waiting for unit tests to pass, waiting for someone to pick up and approve my PR, waiting for the build to complete so I can cut a release… Since we adopted gitStream, my whole team is never waiting and everything moves much quicker.”

Truong-An Thai

Truong-An Thai

VP of Engineering



Why Developers ♥ Workflow Automation

Code Quality
Lower Ramp Time
Team Goals
When it comes to sensitive code, it’s imperative that every PR is receiving the highest quality review.
To improve code quality, teams can leverage the following gitStream rules:
Code Experts: Authorize experts only for high-risk code
High-Risk Tags: Let the security team take the reins on high risk work
2 Reviewers: Require to Reviewers for complex PRs
Missing Tests, Mark PRs without tests

Get Started with Workflow Automation

Streamline your PR Review Process
Using automation to standardize your processes will improve your team’s cycle time while also alleviating customer frustration.
Automate Manual Tasks
Enable your developers to focus on the code instead of the logistics required to get code merged.
Standardize Best Practices
Workflow automation tools drive compliance and best practice behavior through the use of team notifications (WorkerB) and change requests (gitStream).
Learn how LinearB metrics can help you improve work breakdown and reduce cycle time, change failure rate, and mean time to restore.
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