Promote Your Pull Request
to Merge Two Days Faster

As part of our mission to help developers get their work merged faster, we’re building a free pull request tool for GitHub!

With WorkerB for GitHub Pull Requests, get your teammates’ attention in Slack and provide them with the context they need to pick up your PR and start reviewing.

  1. Open a pull request
  2. Generate magic PR link with WorkerB
  3. Paste magic PR link in Slack
  4. Watch the reviewers come running!

How it Works

Launch in GitHub

WorkerB is a free Chrome extension that comes to life when you visit a pull request page on in Chrome.

The next time you create a PR, you’ll see an option to “Promote Your PR” alongside an estimate of how long it will take someone on your team to perform the review.

Our algorithm for estimated review time is based on analysis of over 700,000 pull requests.

Promote in Slack

When you click to Promote Your PR, you’ll see a preview of what your promoted PR will look like in Slack and have the option to add a personal note and an animated GIF.

Once you like what you see, just copy and paste the magic link in Slack in a channel or DM. The link will unfurl into the promoted PR you previewed, and you’ll get notified when people start clicking to check it out.

Learn about the PR Paradox

Read our blog for a comprehensive review on how to merge faster by promoting your PR.

Ready to give it a spin?​

WorkerB for Pull Requests is available in the Chrome Store now!