Quickstart Guide: Your Path to DORA Excellence

Quickstart Guide: Your Path to DORA Excellence

Your comprehensive guide to getting started with your Free LinearB account and leveraging DORA metrics to build an elite engineering organization. Inside you’ll find:
A refresher course on DORA metrics
How to set up your free LinearB account in < 5 mins
A 4 step guide to diagnosing bottlenecks & building an improvement strategy

What's Inside?

Configure your dashboard in <5 minutes.

Configure Your Dashboard in < 5 Mins

This guide will walk you through a one-time set up that can be completed in minutes. You’ll learn how to:
Connect your repos and PM tool
Customize your metric calculations
Segment data by team, label, repo, and service
Benchmark your performance.

Benchmark Your Performance

Once you have your metrics in place, you’ll want to get a sense of where you stack up against industry peers. Your DORA dashboard will help you answer questions like:
Is our 12-day cycle time good?
How about our average PR size of 250 lines of code?
Where does my engineering team stack up against industry peers?

DORA Metrics Are Free With LinearB

Actively monitoring DORA metrics is a critical first step in any initiative to improve engineering’s operational efficiency and impact on the business.
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The DORA Quickstart Guide will show you how to apply workflow automation.

Apply PR Automation

Metrics alone don’t improve dev teams. The DORA Quickstart Guide will show you how to apply workflow automation to your bottlenecks. Learn how to actually improve your DORA metrics with the following automations:
CI Orchestration: Selectively trigger CI pipelines to reduce wait time
Code Experts: Auto- assign the most qualified developer to review your PRs
Review Time Labels: Add color coded labels to PRs with estimated review time