Compare Your Team to Software Development Metrics and KPI Standards

Get your team’s software development metrics in minutes. Aggregate data from your Git, project, release, and incident management tools. Get a consolidated view of software development KPIs, like cycle time, code quality, investment profile, and planning accuracy. 

Use LinearB to set goals to improve software productivity metrics and use retrospectives to track where you are. Enable your software development team to build and ship faster.

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Easily identify bottlenecks in software development KPIs

Elite software development organizations use data to back up anecdotal evidence. With visibility into team-based software productivity metrics like Cycle Time, everyone in your organization can align on how to effectively improve. 

Software management metrics align teams to business priorities

Software development leaders need to know where their time is being invested and when features are going to ship.

LinearB’s projects view is configurable for story points or issue count, so you’re always ready to provide a quick update.

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Automate continuous improvement with WorkerB pipeline optimization

Centralize your software development work in Slack or MS Teams with real-time push notifications about Git actions. 

No more pinging coworkers for reviews or manually updating your manager. WorkerB automation decreases software development life cycle metrics, like cycle time, and improves code quality by keeping you up to date on PR progress. 

Choose your own key software development metrics with custom dashboards

Developers don’t hate all meetings – just ones that waste their time. Status updates that could be a Slack message are the top of the list. 

LinearB has purpose-built metrics dashboards for stand-up, bug triage and retro meetings that have all the details you need, beyond just “in progress”, so you can get to the point and get back to work faster. 

The impact of data-driven engineering with LinearB

“LinearB helps scaling companies mature their engineering process. They make things predictable, but also best in class.”
Jon SowlerVP of Engineering at Unbabel
Unbabel metrics improvement after implementing WorkerB automation