New Report! The Essential Guide to SEI.
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The Essential Guide to SEI.
Read it here.
Developer Experience

Are your devs flowing or frustrated?

Give developers more time to code by:
  • Reducing cognitive load 
  • Tightening code review cycles
  • Increasing flow state opportunities
Empowering the world’s most innovative engineering leaders
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Programmable Workflows

Automate manual tasks

Optimize merge paths by automating code review tasks, enforcing standards and keeping data hygiene levels high.

Improve workflows

Enable your team with programmable automation that reduces daily context switches, removes friction and keeps your devs ‘in the zone’.

Streamline code reviews

Codify your team’s merge process to eliminate ad-hoc team workflows and optimize your code review process.

Reduce developer toil

Auto-approve safe changes, e.g. dependabot minor changes and documentation - route pull requests to experts and flag deprecated components using SEI automations.
Adopt Programmable Workflows
Chart showing cycle time progression over time

See where your devs need help

Boost flow metrics

Give managers visibility into the delivery pipeline so they can optimize their developers time for coding instead of waiting for stuck work.

Identify workflow bottlenecks

Address frustrating workflow bottlenecks with the ability to drill into the individual PRs that are slowing your team down. 
Unlock Insights
Goals and reporting

Empower your team to become data-driven

Set quantitative team goals and best practices using a sharable team dashboard that tracks your progress.

Set the right goals

Give your teams the ability to autonomously improve their ways of working using a sprint-over-sprint team goals dashboard to track performance and solidify best practices.
Set the right goals

Deliver consistently

Achieve goals with SEI automation that sends real-time notifications when PRs breach agreed-upon parameters.
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Ship on time, every time
Project Forecasting

Ship on time, every time

Identify delay risks early

Hit your project delivery dates using project insights that identify delay risks before they cause delays.
Execute Predictably
Resource Allocation dashboard overview

Balance team workload

See your team’s work in detail

Get visibility into what type of work your teams focus on so you can identify over/underwork and flag burnout risks.
Monitor Team Effort
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“It’s important for the life of the engineer to experience their impact on the world... shortening the feedback loop is a way of making it feel more natural.”
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