New Report! The Essential Guide to SEI.
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The Essential Guide to SEI.
Read it here.
Developer Productivity

How can you do more with the same team?

Combine efficiency metrics, benchmarks and workflow automation to:
  • Baseline your team’s performance
  • Identify workflow bottlenecks
  • Streamline delivery with automations
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Average Code changes per PR chart
Engineering Metrics & Insights

Unblock your devs

Benchmark your performance

Baseline your metrics, benchmark against industry standards and identify areas of focus like efficiency, quality, or predictability.

Spot bottlenecks

Find and address your workflow bottlenecks with the ability to drill into leading indicators and the individual pull requests that are slowing your team down

Boost flow metrics

Improve your merge process– minimize code review idle time, fixing bugs and reducing technical debt.
Benchmark Your Team
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Programmable Workflows

Automate your improvement

Actively improve using SEI+ automations that remove friction points across the SDLC while keeping team goals and best practices top of mind.

Streamline code reviews

Standardize your merge process to adhere to complex standards and security requirements. Eliminate ad-hoc decisions in code reviews.

Increase merge frequency

Codify your team’s merge process to eliminate ad-hoc decisions and optimize the code review process.

Reduce developer toil

Auto-approve safe changes, e.g. dependabot minor changes and documentation - route pull requests to experts and flag deprecated components using SEI automations.
Unlock Pre-Merge Workflows
Take action to remove friction in your pipeline.
Goals And Reporting

Take action to remove friction in your pipeline

Set and track team goals

Establish a culture of continuous improvement with a team goals dashboard that engineering teams use to self-monitor (and improve) their performance.
Set Strategic Goals

Balance your team’s workload

As your team’s productivity improves, you’ll have the visibility and resources to apply your excess effort to new value creation

Understand your impact

Gain a holistic understanding of investments into new value vs. ‘keeping the lights on’.
Charts showing investment profile and new value

Align people to business priorities

Ensure your teams are spending their time on projects that are aligned to the priorities of your organization.
Align to business outcomes
Chart showing progress over time and insights
Project Forecasting

Spot delivery risks before they happen

Hit your deadlines 

Enable your team to identify project delay risks early to ensure on time delivery.
Deliver Predictably
Photo of Ariel Pérez
“Teams often pursue productivity and efficiency at the expense of effectiveness... you cannot reproduce the same exact widget over and over again... software engineering is complex.”
Ariel Pérez
VP of Engineering, Split