New Report! The Essential Guide to SEI.
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The Essential Guide to SEI.
Read it here.
GeNAI Code Orchestration

Is your SDLC Gen AI ready?

Maximize your investment in Gen AI in less than 30 days with:
  • Policy-as-code to de-risk how code is delivered
  • Orchestration of Gen AI code through your dev pipelines
  • Visibility into the adoption and impact of Co-Pilot and other Gen AI solutions
Empowering the world’s most innovative engineering leaders
Programmable Workflows

Orchestrate Gen AI code through your SDLC

Maximize the productivity of Gen AI and bot-created code using automation. Accelerate code approval, CI runtime and testing.
Orchestrate GenAi code through your SDLC

Increase merge frequency

Optimize your code review process by automatically routing Gen AI pull requests to the most relevant experts in your team.
gitStream merge routing

Enforce policy standards

Maintain strict security requirements for PR Agents and automatically alert your OpsSec team when action is necessary.
gitStream policy enforcement
Measure the impact of you GenAI investment
Engineering Metrics & Insights

Measure the impact of your Gen AI investment

Benchmark your performance

Gain visibility into the impact Gen AI adoption is having on your delivery pipelines by using standard DevOps metrics to show the before and after.

See how GenAI is performing

Compare Gen AI workflows against your organization's baseline with dynamic label tracking.
Unlock Insights
Resource Allocation

Realize the ROI of your Copilot investment

Reshape your investments

Uncover how adoption of AI helps remove inefficiencies and reallocate resources into revenue generating activities.
Realize the ROI of your Copilot investment
PR Pickup Time
Goals and Reporting

Ship code you can trust

De-risk adoption at scale

Turn best practices into working agreements. Ensure Gen AI code contributions receive the right level of review and attention using team level goals.
Accuracy scores over time.

Deliver on-time, every time

Ship projects ahead of schedule

Optimize for delivery metrics that expose the true ROI of your Gen AI code enhancements.
Improve Predictability
Photo of Jeremy Lamit
“During a crunch time, the thoroughness of PR reviews is the first to suffer. The first SEI automation we implemented–and the one that brought the most value–was auto-assigning PRs to people that were familiar with that area of the codebase already. Now that process is streamlined and we know every PR is getting routed to the right person.”
Jeremy Lamit
Head of Engineering, Rabbit Care