New Report! The Essential Guide to SEI.
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The Essential Guide to SEI.
Read it here.
Predictable Software Delivery

Are you confident in your roadmap delivery?

Eliminate the risk of missing your dates by:
  • Identifying risk indicators early on
  • Stabilizing your team’s efficiency and quality metrics 
  • Visualizing your resource allocation by project and initiative
Empowering the world’s most innovative engineering leaders
Review Time: Spot problems before they create delays.
Engineering Metrics & Insights

Spot problems before they create delays

Find the bottlenecks in your workflow

See how your performance compares with industry benchmarks so you can quickly identify areas for improvement.

See the leading indicators of project risk

Get a holistic view of your SDLC or drill down into team-level metrics and find out exactly where the gaps are.

Know what you are up against

Understand your capacity and accuracy metrics so you set the right targets for your team.
Unlock Insights
Resource Allocation

Harness the power of your people

Map your engineering spend, project investment, and work distribution to ensure your team makes the biggest impact.

Focus on innovation 

See where your team is spending their time. Balance your team’s efforts across both new value creation and maintenance.
Investment Profile and New Value Charts

Make better decisions on resourcing

Understand the impact of moving resources. Now you can keep your teams healthy while ensuring priority projects have enough support.
Make better decisions on resourcing.
WorkerB: PR Merged Without Review.
Goals and Reporting

Meet and beat your goals

Stabilize your outcomes

Set the right goals at the organization and team-level to ensure you deliver against your commitments.

Align your devs to the business

Set your sights on creating more value for your customers while increasing predictability.
Start Your Initiative
Use WorkerB Automation to drive predictability
Programmable Workflows

Take action against insights

Get your developers into a flow state and keep them there. Maintain focus time with one-click workflows, real-time alerting, and smart PR routing.

Optimize delivery paths

Minimize cognitive load and maximize your merge frequency. Find the right reviewers, auto approve safe changes, and more.

Enforce quality standards

Codify your team’s merge process to eliminate ad-hoc team workflows and optimize the PR review process. 
Establish Merge Standards
Project Forecasting

Stop losing sleep over project timelines

Make sure your team is on track, within budget and delivering on time with data-driven forecasting.

Avoid scope creep

Ensure your teams are striking the right balance between project planning, execution, and iteration
Accuracy scores over time chart

Derisk delivery timelines

See the current status of your projects, spot risks, and get deeper insights into where the problems lie.
Progress over time chart
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