Improve Sprint Planning Accuracy and Stop Guessing

Project Delivery Tracker correlates issues, Git, and release data to give you an accurate view of developer capacity, unplanned work, and delivery bottlenecks so you can hit your commitments and deliver more. 

planning accuracy over time

We’ve been using hunches and limited data from our issue tracker in our sprint planning meetings. 

Project Delivery Tracker helped increase our planning accuracy and made our meetings more productive.

Iris Gilboa

Sr. Program & Release Manager, BigID

Out of the box isn’t good enough

Sprint planning is really hard without the right data
  • Report on multiple boards
  • Report on issue types (i.e. bugs)
  • See individual work across projects
  • Configure reports to how your org. works
Useful data for sprint planning
Report across multiple boards
See issue type by project /sprint
See people effort across projects
Visualize delivery bottlenecks



Get your most important
questions answered

When is Project XYZ going to be ready?

Communicate project delivery status with confidence using planning accuracy and sprint delivery reports.

How can we
accelerate Project XYZ?

Discover new ways to accelerate projects by exposing bottlenecks (e.g. unplanned work) and team effort across your different projects and issue types.

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See our Project Delivery Tracker in action!

“In-progress” status and basic burndown charts don’t provide enough information for sprint capacity  planning and retro meetings. Check out how data-driven R&D teams are modernizing their process with Project Delivery Tracker. 

Rocco Seyboth

LinearB R&D Team 

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