Executive reports connecting
your initiatives to business goals

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Resource Allocation
Project Forecasting
Engineering Health

Align to business goals with
R&D Project Investment

Show the business what your teams are working on, using data they understand. Resource allocation reports connect the amount of effort your team is allocating per project or epic.

Resource allocation data automates
R&D Cost Capitalization reporting

Backup your resource asks with data that supports request. Velocity and Investment Reports Breakdown the type of work your teams are spending their time on.

Engineering is the
furthest away from revenue

Bridge the gap with LinearB

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Deliver projects on time with
Project Forecasting

Give business stakeholder project delivery ETAs you are confident in. Project forecasting metrics, provide the hard data answers to “how is the project tracking?”
Business Alignment Dive into Data

Dive into the data behind your project forecasting delivery dates

Take the executive team into your most important projects to see what’s really happening. Project Delivery Tracker combines data across PM boards and teams to show a wholistic view of your projects progress.

Winning the Board Live Workshop

Join LinearB CTO, Yishai Beeri, on Dec. 1st as he walks through the engineering slides and data he uses when reporting to the LinearB board of directors.

Build confidence in your organization with Engineering Health

Standardize your executive level data reporting to show the quarter over quarter progress your organization is making. Efficiency and quality DORA metrics give your executive team a recurring dashboard they can trust.

Add context to engineering health metrics with industry benchmarks

Connect the dots between the metrics that matter and business outcomes you are setting goals to achieve. Engineering metrics benchmarks provide your peers with the context they need to understand what improvement looks like and where your org is today.