Active Improvement (LinearB) vs. Passive Metrics (Jellyfish)

Metrics alone don’t improve teams or drive the business forward. Engineering teams love LinearB because it goes beyond passive metric dashboards to help teams actively improve with:
Workflow automation that results in an average 44% reduction in cycle time
Self-service flexibility for project and resource allocation reporting
Industry standard Engineering Benchmarks and improvement playbooks
R&D Leaders trust LinearB to improve the ROI of their investments
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Why Choose LinearB Over Jellyfish
Workflow Automation
Self-Service Project and Team Configuration
Team Goals
In-App Benchmarks
Streamlined PR Process
Project Delivery Forecasting
Live Chat Support
In-App Recommendations
Engineering Improvement Playbooks
Guidance and Templates for Exec Reports

Top 5 Reasons People Choose LinearB Over Jellyfish


Dashboards Don't Improve Dev Team Efficiency

When it comes to LinearB vs. Jellyfish, the differences are clear:
Workflow Automation: Take action against your metrics with programmable workflows.
Self-service Project Configuration: Don’t wait on a Jellyfish to change your resource allocation project configuration or build your teams - do it yourself with tools like automated team configuration and see real-time results.
Improvement Playbooks & Industry Benchmarks: Understand how your team’s performing and implement playbooks for systematic improvement.

We correlate data across your tools to identify bottlenecks and automate developer workflow optimization.

“It’s always been difficult to understand where work is stuck across JIRA and GitLab. LinearB shows us the big picture and democratizes the facts so it’s actually actionable.”

Jon Sowler

Jon Sowler

VP of Engineering



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