Improvement Engine (LinearB) vs. Metrics w/ Alerts (Swarmia)

Engineering metrics with alerts are nice, but reports don't actually improve developer efficiency. Programmable delivery pipelines are the keys to improvement. Engineering teams choose LinearB because it provides more than metrics with alerts (although it does that too):
Highlight project delivery risk with leading indicator metrics
Quantify engineering impact and align to business priorities
Reduce cycle time by an average 44% with workflow automation
Use Engineering Benchmarks to see how your metrics stack up to the industry
R&D Leaders trust LinearB to improve the ROI of their investments
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Why Choose LinearB Over Swarmia
Workflow Automation
In-App Benchmarks
Live Chat Support
In-App Recommendations
Improvement Playbooks
Custom Project Metrics
Ability to Use ANY Tool
Cost Capitalization

Top 5 Reasons People Choose LinearB Over Swarmia


Metrics With Alerts Don’t Drive Business Outcomes

Engineering KPIs and automated alerts keep teams aligned to improvement goals.  Swarmia and LinearB both provide these capabilities–but only LinearB provides industry standard benchmarks, programmable delivery pipelines, and executive level resource allocation and cost capitalization reporting.

We correlate data across your tools to identify bottlenecks and automate developer workflow optimization.

“It’s always been difficult to understand where work is stuck across JIRA and GitLab. LinearB shows us the big picture and democratizes the facts so it’s actually actionable.”

Jon Sowler

Jon Sowler

VP of Engineering



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