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Set team improvement goals using industry standard benchmarks
Daniel, co-founder at Drata, shares his experience using WorkerB
Engineering Manager at Greenlight Guru
"I don't need it to fire developers. I needed to avoid getting fired because when I sit down with investors, they're like we want to give you more money. We want you to deliver more. But how do we know you're doing it efficiently, right? So, for me, that is a part of it and it's and I know that to achieve that, I need to give my teams the tools to be efficient themselves and to be able to quantify their improvement, their commitment to their own improvement."
- CTO at LinearB Customer
“I was looking for ways to do more with the same team. The LinearB automation and project dashboards have helped us do that.”
- Oliver Robert, CTO at Nimble
”LinearB makes you feel more confident. It lets me know that our foundation is good and that we’re improving everyday.“
- Jon Sowler, VP of Eng. at Unbabel