The PR owner has activated WorkerB collaboration

Get WorkerB to finish this review faster

The PR owner will be notified when you comment, request changes, and be available for you while you’re reviewing

How it works

Add the collaboration badge to your PR

Next time you create a PR the collaboration badge will be added by the WorkerB Chrome extension to the markdown description. The badge is a text element that includes a link with a unique token that is kept in the PR comment.

We care about your privacy

WorkerB extension detects the unique token and shares activity only between users that have access to the PR.

See who’s reviewing your PR right now!

When someone is on your PR you’ll see their avatar on the screen so you can respond in real-time.

Get notified when people visit your PR

Receive Chrome notifications every time someone peeks at the changes tab on your pull request, adds a comment, approves and more.