Modern engineering teams are adopting Generative AI, bots, and automation to improve operational efficiency, lower costs, and deliver better products and customer experiences.

However, engineering leaders increasingly lack visibility into what works and the controls to reliably provide a high-quality developer experience while delivering on their commitments to the business.

This rapid change in people, processes, and technology is why Gartner Research estimates that 50% of all engineering leaders will adopt Software Engineering Intelligence (SEI) platforms by 2027.

In this workshop, we will explore the software engineering intelligence category, which combines data-driven insights with innovative workflow automations tailored to optimize your software delivery practices.

Get hands-on, practical guidance on streamlining your team’s workflows, enhancing collaboration, and accelerating your development cycles while improving quality.

We’ll dive deep into topics such as:

  • Improving Developer Productivity
  • Embracing the Concept of Profitable Engineering
  • Protecting Engineering Team Health & Developer Experience in the Face of Budget Cuts
  • Tips for Understanding the Impact of Generative AI On Your Team
  • Increasing Roadmap Predictability & Decreasing Time to Market (TTM)

Complimentary Guides: At the end of the workshop, attendees will walk away with a copy of our forthcoming SEI guide and Gartner's Market Guide for Software Engineering Intelligence Platforms.