Gain Visibility. Track Improvement. Deliver More.

Feature Rich from the Start. Around $1/day/developer. No Feature Upsells.


$ 600 Per month, annual billing
  • All Features Included
  • Up to 15 Developers
  • Up to 100 Repos
  • 1 Year Data Retention
  • +5 Growth Protection
  • Unlimited Users
  • Personalized Support
  • 14-Day Free Trial


$ 1,000 Per month, annual billing
  • Everything in Small Plus
  • Up to 30 Developers
  • Up to 200 Repos
  • 2 Year Data Retention
  • +10 Growth Protection


$ 1,500 Per month, annual billing
  • Everything in Medium Plus
  • Up to 50 Developers​
  • Unlimited Repos
  • Unlimited Data Retention
  • +15 Growth Protection


Custom Get in Touch!
  • Everything in Large Plus
  • Over 50 Developers
  • +20 Growth Protection

LinearB Features

Every plan provides access to all features


Delivery Pipeline

Delivery matters! An end to end view of your pipeline with metrics like time to merge, time to deploy, deploy frequency, and cycle time helps you accelerate your delivery rate.


Investment Profile

Are your teams working on bugs or new value? LinearB is the first platform to combine git and project insights to provide unprecedented visibility, even if your record tracking isn’t pristine.



Quality issues are disruptive for your teams and customers. Understand where you suffer from high code churn and  rework. Use metrics to help build a continuous refactoring culture.


Pull Request Intelligence

Your pull request management effects your quality and delivery cadence.  Ensure your PRs are not stagnating or merged without review.

Iteraation 2

Control Your Iterations

Are your teams on track to deliver this iteration? Don’t wait for the end to find out. Discover what’s derailing progress & track improvement.


Automated Retrospective Report

Everyone loves a good retro meeting, right? No? Just me? Improve your next retro meeting with a data-driven automated retrospective report.



See your org’s performance anytime, anywhere. Unified data from your systems gives real-time performance updates.


Eliminate Bottlenecks

Uncover new levels of speed by eliminating bottlenecks in your delivery pipeline. Increase efficiency for all contributors.


Executive Dashboards

Easily see and communicate metrics that matter for your CEO, CFO, and other executive stakeholders.

Data Security & Privacy

Security focused from the ground up. We build with a security-first mindset. 

  • Your source code is never stored or shared
  • Platform is running on a SOC-2 Compliant infrastructure
  • Utilizes read-only API calls
  • Leverages encryption at rest for sensitive data
  • Data encryption in transit
  • No 3rd Party data access
  • Compliant with Least privilege principle
  • LinearB security program follows industry best practices

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. LinearB does not store or share source code. 

Setup takes minutes. 

The standard LinearB trial is 21 days. 

LinearB free trial includes all features in the paid version of the product. The only limit is on the number of repositories for the trial period.

LinearB subscriptions come with unlimited users.

They are priced by the number of developers.