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Software Engineering Intelligence: Exposed & In Action

June 28, 2024
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Get the scoop on SEI and find out how VPs of Eng. at the world's largest enterprises are uniting operations to increase developer output.


Dan Lines
COO & Co-founder
Ori Keren
CEO & Co-founder

About the Workshop

In this 35-minute session, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of Software Engineering Intelligence (SEI) capabilities and see real-world examples of how these tools are being implemented to rapidly accelerate developer productivity.

We’ll dive deep into how engineering leaders are using SEI to take on:


  • Developer Productivity - accelerating developer output
  • Profitable Engineering - the data behind resourcing and costs
  • Developer Experience - protecting team health and reducing toil
  • GenAI (Copilot) Impact - the effects it’s having on your SDLC
  • Predictable Software Delivery - identifying delivery risk early


Session registration includes a copy of the Essential Guide to SEI Platforms and Gartner's Market Guide for Software Engineering Intelligence Platforms

About the session:

Engineering leaders are experiencing massive change with only disparate data across tools to rely on. With predictability and cost efficiency top of mind, a lack of workflow insights and programmable automations hinder quick progress.

Gartner Research estimates that 50% of all engineering leaders will adopt Software Engineering Intelligence (SEI) platforms by 2027.

In this session, we will explore how engineering leaders are combining data-driven insights with innovative workflow automations to optimize software delivery practices.

Join this event to get hands-on, practical guidance on streamlining your team’s workflows, enhancing collaboration, and accelerating your development cycles.

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