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Scaling Developer Efficiency in 2023

Using metrics & automation to execute your R&D strategy in a down market
Scaling Developer Efficiency in 2023


Yishai Beeri

About the Workshop

The days of growth at all costs are over; your 2023 engineering strategy is all about scaling efficiency. Watch our 45-minute workshop to discover the metrics and automation engineering leaders are adopting to improve how dev teams set goals, deliver quality code, and increase velocity without adding headcount.

While many R&D organizations started measuring pipeline metrics like DORA & planning accuracy in 2022, visibility without automation is not enough to boost team performance. Strategies that focus on improving the developer experience by streamlining code delivery will retain talent and deliver features on time.

In this workshop, we will explore five strategies engineering leaders are using to increase the efficiency of their teams and individual developers.

You'll learn:

  • PR Merge Routing: Automating how PRs are classified and routed for review
  • Data-driven OKRs: Aligning company goals to quantifiable KPIs for your teams
  • Team Goals: Standardizing coding best practices that optimize for shorter cycle times
  • R&D Investment Reporting: Automating cost capitalization and resource allocation dashboards
  • Policy-as-Code: Initiating a platform engineering function to improve your developer experience and standardize your PR review policy

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