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Starting Your Engineering Metrics Program

Learn to build a metrics program that boosts engineering efficiency and reduces cycle time by 47%.
Starting Your Engineering Metrics Program


Ilan Rado
Director of Product
Sumithra Rajesh
Sr Implementation Manager

About the Workshop

A robust metrics program provides holistic visibility into engineering health, predictable project delivery, and a great dev experience. But it’s not always obvious how to build the right software metrics program for your business.


R&D leaders looking to build an effective metrics program must:


  • Understand the right engineering KPIs for their organizations
  • Benchmark against industry standards
  • Gather actionable insights to identify improvement opportunities
  • Leverage goals to alleviate bottlenecks
  • Enable their teams with workflow automation


In this workshop, we walk you through how to drive an average 47% reduction in cycle time via your engineering metrics program and provide you with free resources and tools to get started.

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