New Report! The Essential Guide to SEI.
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The Essential Guide to SEI.
Read it here.
Profitable Engineering

Are you translating R&D costs into business outcomes?

Prove your impact on the bottom line by:
  • Aligning resource allocation to business needs 
  • Translating engineering output into effort and cost
  • Focusing on new value creation and revenue generating activities
Empowering the world’s most innovative engineering leaders
Resource Allocation

Visualize your investment strategy

Use investment data to show how your team is spending their time. Understand the impact of shifting resources across projects and initiatives.

Data-driven Project Investment

Communicate the impact of new requests by connecting them to budget, resourcing and projects.
Data-driven Project Investment

Strike the right balance

Gain a holistic understanding of where effort is being invested and where you can reallocate resources to increase new value creation.
Strike the right balance
Engineering Metrics Benchmarks: Cycle Time
Engineering Metrics & Insights

Optimize your operational impact

Scale your team efficiently

Gain insight into every step of your SDLC.  Find friction points and build an improvement strategy for your team.

Boost your team’s output

Use data and insights to increase the velocity of your code throughput. Unblock the workflow bottlenecks that slow your team down.
Benchmark Your Team
WorkerB: Set the right goals and drive results.
Goals and Reporting

Set the right goals and drive results

Tracking performance

Improve the health of your engineering organization. Set goals with full visibility into the leading indicators of team performance.
Achieve Your Goals
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Programmable Workflows

Automate value delivery

Reduce developer toil

Eliminate tedious tasks with one-click workflows and automated pull request routing.

Improve merge frequency

Find the right reviewer, auto approve safe changes, and minimize the cognitive load of the merge process to build smooth delivery paths. The result? Shorter cycles and more value delivered faster.
Optimize Merge Processes
Progress over time and insights chart
Project Forecasting

Deliver projects on-time

See how your projects are progressing

Keep priority projects on track with visibility into planning and capacity metrics, delivery cadences and progress against deadlines.

Mitigate risks proactively

Identify project risks before they become a problem using automated insights into delivery risk, resource management issues and project best practices.
Improve Project Planning
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