Miki, Zuki, Oriel and Ariel (yes, it’s a rule here that dev names have to rhyme) are so excited about the latest LinearB release they were at a loss for words. 

Don’t worry… Boaz, our product lead, was not 🙂

6 New Features in LinearB 

1) Full support for forking

For companies using fork methodology, we now 1) detect pull requests of forked repositories and 2) fully recreate the history of the branch. This is a big improvement from the fork support we had so far where pull requests were detected only after merging back to the original repository. This means that forked repositories are now detected and scanned much earlier in the delivery pipeline and data about such branches will be displayed in the dashboard in a much earlier stage of the branch’s lifecycle.

2) New outlier detection

We implemented a mechanism for detecting and ignoring outliers branches. With this mechanism, we determine based on several attributes whether this branch is an outlier (e.g. long-living feature branch) and ignoring this branch when calculating the average cycle time for the contributor/repository/team/organization.

We are marking those branches as ‘outliers’ in the branches page.

3) New release detection: commit merges

We added a third release detection strategy. This strategy detects releases to dedicated release branches that are done through merge commits without pull requests.

4) New sign-in options

We added 4 new identity integrations to LinearB sign-in/sign-up processes. Sign in options now include: 

  1. Slack
  2. Github
  3. BitBucket
  4. Gitlab
  5. Google

5) New onboard with Personal Access Token for Github and Gitlab

Previously LinearB required Git provider admin rights in order to onboard. Now it is possible to onboard LinearB with a personal access token of the Git provider. This opens the door for users with GIT access that do not have admin rights to their Organizational GIT. 

This option also provides the option to onboard to LinearB with read-only permissions as long as the user that onboards with the personal access token has read-only permissions.

6) Full support for Github Enterprise Server (on-prem)

We now fully support Github Enterprise Server configuration and allow customers to connect their Github enterprise server on-prem to LinearB.

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