What Are the Metrics that Matter for Engineering Execution?

I recently had the chance to present on the “Metrics that Matter for Engineering Execution” at the Agile Practitioners of Israel Meetup! We were happy to host the meetup at our offices in Tel Aviv.

Engineering Leaders are increasingly faced with more pressure to support data-driven executives. Your peers in sales, marketing, and HR all have systems of record to measure what matters most for their business.

Thanks to everyone that visited LinearB to see the presentation live!

Why Measure?

Data is the new oxygen for software leaders looking to make their teams better. The right data can uncover insights into the processes and behaviors that can be encouraged to improve how your team runs.

Simply put, you measure so that you can accelerate your delivery.

What Should be Measured?

Over the last 18 months, I’ve met with over 250 software leaders. In those conversations, I’ve learned that sometimes teams choose the wrong metrics to focus on. The most frequent question leaders are being asked is “when?” causing teams to treat planning metrics like velocity as a productivity metric.

DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) built a great foundation for the industry pointing metrics like lead time for changes and deployment frequency as the most important ones to focus on. We, at LinearB came up with a three-part methodology of metrics that matter helping teams focusing on delivery, quality, and investment analysis, that drives continuous improvement.

How to Get Started

Want to learn more? Download the slides from the presentation to learn some key areas to measure, important metrics to track, and how to make your metrics actionable.

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