The team is the heart of the dev organization. Team, squads, and guilds work together to deliver for your customers. The latest release of LinearB helps you set up your team for success.

Release Highlights

  • Configure your teams and see key metrics on a team by team basis
  • See leading indicators for quality in real-time
  • Support for the way you work: branches or forks!
  • Now supporting Bitbucket Server (on-premise) in addition to Bitbucket Cloud, GitHub, and GitLab (Cloud and Server)


Teams are at the center of the dev organization. At LinearB, we love teams! LinearB teams can work the way you work, regardless of how you are organized.

Now in LinearB you can add contributors to teams. LinearB Teams are flexible: Configure them for your squads, guilds, groups, centers of excellence, or however you organize your devs. Contributors can be members of multiple LinearB teams.

With Teams configured, you can see performance on a team by team basis. See what teams are overloaded and which teams are exceeding expectations. Drill down into each team to see what’s driving performance.

You can also change the teams devs are assigned to while keeping their history with the previous team (and not automatically associate their history with the new team). This enables accurate comparisons and iteration history.

Real-time work breakdown

LinearB work breakdown looks at the percentage of your team’s work that is rework vs. refactored work vs. new work. In the latest release of LinearB, work breakdown now updates in near real-time, enabling you to intervene earlier and address potential future quality issues.

Forks in the road (and your code)

“My team is special. We work differently.” We get it. No two teams are the same. We are LinearB work to support all teams, because we love teams! Once you merge a pull request from a fork, LinearB backfills the branch history and populates stats.

New code repository: BitBucket Server

We’ve added to the code management solutions you can integrate with LinearB! You can now add repos from Bitbucket Server, in addition to Bitbucket Cloud, GitHub, and GitLab (Cloud and Server).

Ready to check it out?