Stop Measuring Teams by Velocity Alone

Using velocity to estimate the delivery of a long-term project spanning numerous sprints does not work. We’ve seen it attempted many times, and we’ve never seen it succeed.

This is why we built Project Delivery Tracker. Start using alternative metrics to velocity in your agile team. Measure cycle time, rework rate and planning accuracy instead–the things that can affect delivering on your promises. 

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Leaders deliver on promises by improving planning accuracy

Project Delivery Tracker provides a portfolio view of your projects planning accuracy, people effort and work type.

Teams focus on best practices by setting improvement goals

Working Agreements helps dev teams decide how they want to work and where they want to improve every sprint.

Developers automate workflows for continuous improvement

WorkerB is a developer workflow optimization bot that saves developers time by automating manual tasks.

We integrate with every level of your organization, from project to deployment.

Measurable business impact after 120 days