We’re excited to announce the Spring Release of LinearB! 

It includes an all-new dashboard, great new features, and significant usability enhancements.

Here’s everything that’s in the Spring Release (keep reading for more detailed information):

Let’s dive into the Spring Release!

New Features and Functionality

Whether your focus is to build your first metrics program, refine your engineering resourcing strategy to drive business outcomes, or get more predictable with project delivery, these new features will help you succeed.

All-New Project Forecasting Dashboard

Project Forecasting.gif

Project Forecasting is a highly flexible and detailed project view that enables you to identify overall project trends and (anti) patterns–meaning you can quickly, confidently provide the business with progress updates and accurate project delivery estimates. 

However the real star of this new dashboard is the customizable collection of automatically generated project insights and risk indicators. 

These insights provide you with a clear list of things to do right now that will ensure your project doesn’t go off the rails–which means you’ll be able to deliver on time, in scope, as promised.

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Project Forecasting also complements existing features nicely and helps answer key questions:

  • Resource Allocation: What projects are being worked on? How are they resourced? Is that strategy enabling good execution? Is this in line with what the business needs?
  • Project Delivery Tracker: How well are teams planning and executing? Are there things on the projects getting in the way that the team can take action on?
  • Investment Profile: Is new value creation being prioritized? What’s bogging those projects down that can be addressed right now (like burned out devs or slipping quality)?

Enhanced Resource Allocation Functionality

video4341810314 3 (2).gif

This improvement to Resource Allocation enables users to zoom in on resourcing data and engineering spend for their part of the world. With these new project filters you can:

  • Get a granular view of resourcing by slicing data into different project aspects such as Epics, Initiatives, Labels, Tags, Teams, and much more
  • Quickly identify and better understand level of effort invested in a specific business domain or initiative
  • Make informed decisions and recommendations to stakeholders about specific projects and how resourcing can be optimized to meet business needs

Build Custom Resourcing Reporting

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Resource Allocation Data Export

Group 6863.png

This new functionality will enable teams to: 

  • Easily connect engineering data to business impact
  • Build a single view of the entire business using engineering data
  • Conduct further analysis on their data externally in a business intelligence tools
  • Report on their data to external stakeholders with a smooth, single-click export process


Together with the new filtering capabilities, the data export function makes it easy to build highly custom reports that illustrate engineering’s alignment to business priorities. As an example, you can build a report for Project ABC–which is a significant investment–that includes resourcing as it pertains to sales pipelines and engineering ROI using this data, Salesforce, and your favorite BI tool.

Export Your Resourcing Data

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External Custom Metrics

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 4.18.49 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 4.15.33 PM.png

This new capability enables you to build a completely custom metrics dashboard that provides insight into every dimension of the SDLC. There are six or seven stages of the software delivery lifecycle (depending on who you ask)–meaning multiple that produce data that can be measured, used as a KPI, and improved on.

External Custom Metrics helps you tackle the challenge of getting this data in one place. In just minutes, you can build metrics dashboards for things like code coverage, developer focus time, and application uptime from tools like SonarQube, Clockwise, and Datadog.

In a nutshell, External Custom Metrics provides: 

  • Single pane of glass visibility into your entire R&D tool stack
  • Bespoke dashboarding capabilities using a self-serve UI
  • Trend analysis to show the ROI of your latest initiative or tool investment (Copilot, anyone?)

Build A Custom Dashboard

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Usability Enhancements

These updates provide you with better data accuracy, ensure team alignment, and automate tedious manual tasks–making the LinearB SEI+ Platform more robust, customizable, and flexible than ever!

Incident Detection Rule Builder

Company settings - Project management - incidents using Jira.png

The LinearB UI provides a high degree of flexibility in how teams define their incident detection strategy. The latest enhancement takes that flexibility a step further. Teams could already choose between the Incident API or tags and labels to populate their CFR and MTTR metrics. 

The new Rule Builder provides even more customizability for incident detection. Now users can precisely define conditions for CFR and MTTR metrics using their Project Management data and AND/OR operators. 

This approach:

  • Ensures the most accurate stability DORA metrics
  • Provides org-wide visibility into how metrics are populated
  • Enables you to easily build highly custom filtering scenarios for teams, groups, or the entire organization

Build Your CFR/MTTR Rules

Auto-Repo Monitoring


It can be challenging to keep track of all the repositories your engineering organization currently has/actively contributes to. 

The new Auto Repo Monitoring enhancement keeps things from falling through the cracks and offloads the manual task of adding new repositories into LinearB. With this new capability you can:

  • Quickly build your metrics programs
  • Onboard new GitHub repos quickly at scale
  • Be confident that all git data is present and accurate
  • Ensure consistency across teams and the entire organization

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Final Thoughts

We could not be more excited about the Spring Launch of LinearB and the best is still yet to come!

LinearB Users: Click here to start exploring the latest platform enhancements!

For Non-LinearB Folks: Sign up for a free account or get the guided tour of the Spring Release!

We hope that the new features and functionality will help you on your path to deliver operational excellence and better business outcomes.