Stand-Up 2.0: Get to the point faster

with data from Git and Jira

Stand-Up 2.0: Get to the point faster​ with data from Git and Jira

Yesterday. Today. Blockers. Delays. All in one central dashboard.

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A daily stand-up worthy of the year 2020 (not 1993)

The daily stand-up was invented 30 years ago and we’re still doing it the same old way. We spend most of the time on status updates that could be a Slack message. 

Our automated dashboard will turn your most important meeting of the day in to a data-driven, efficient, powerful use of time by visualizing: 

  • Updates to stories and branches from yesterday
  • Work in progress open for today 
  • Who’s blocked and why

Your Jira stories + Git branches. Together. In context.

LinearB correlates data from Git and Jira together to automatically update everyone on your team in real-time: 

  • Progress on your epics, stories, branches and PRs
  • Major updates to your features and bugs 
  • Changes to delivery time frames 

We’ll handle it all for you. So you can eliminate the constant, annoying requests for status updates and stay in deep focus mode.

Unblock your teammates

We’ll alert your team in Slack in real-time when your teammates are blocked so you can jump in and help them. 

  • PRs stuck waiting for review
  • PRs open for too long with no action 
  • Substantial PRs merged without review 
  • High risk branches currently in progress
  • Reviews going back and forth for too long
With a single click you can go straight to the branch or PR and help keep your iteration on track. Don’t wait until your next stand-up. 

Stand-Up 2.0: Get early access

At LinearB, we’re on a mission to help dev teams work together better and we think using data and automation to improve our daily process and rituals is part of the solution. 

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