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Top 12 KPIs for Engineering Teams to Keep Teams on Track

November 25, 2022 • Rachel Garner
The right engineering KPIs can show you whether your engineering org is communicating engineering efficiency, hitting deadlines, and aligning their work with business needs. Learn the top 12 KPIs for engineering teams you should start measuring.

Better Scrum Reporting for Modern Dev Teams

November 24, 2022 • Tris Pedro
Scrum reporting is useful for Agile teams. But better scrum reports can give you deeper insights. Learn how to improve your scrum reporting in this article.

Why Estimated Review Time Improves Pull Requests And Reduces Cycle Time

November 18, 2022 • Luke Kilpatrick
The smallest thing you can do to make the biggest impact on cycle time? Add estimated time to review to pull requests.

How to Improve Developer Experience

November 11, 2022 • Tris Pedro
Having a good developer experience can do wonders for your company’s success. Learn how to improve developer experience in this article.

Enhanced Team Scope and Visibility

November 10, 2022 • Zach Westall
We’re excited to announce two great new features in LinearB that are all about enabling teams: Pulse Retro View and Team Scope settings

What is Value Stream Analysis?

November 9, 2022 • Rachel Garner
Value stream analysis can help you improve your software development processes and identify waste. Learn what value stream analysis is in this guide.

9 Best Developer Productivity Tools

November 3, 2022 • Tris Pedro
Looking for ways to improve software development processes? Check out these 9 best developer productivity tools.

The 7 Best DevOps Metrics & KPIs to Measure Success

November 1, 2022 • Elizabeth Pauly
It can be hard to know which DevOps metrics and KPIs you should measure. Discover the best 7 DevOps metrics you can track to measure teams’ success.

Get Better Results from Your Planning Poker Estimation

October 28, 2022 • Keshav Malik
The planning poker estimation technique is a strategy teams use to estimate the work of agile stories taken from group feedback.

How to Improve Your Jira Ticket Management

October 27, 2022 • Otto Nagengast
Development teams don’t really like working with Jira, because they haven’t unlocked its full potential yet. Discover how to get better Jira ticket management.

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